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[Best List] Highest paying bitcoin facuets and games

Тема в разделе "Курсы", создана пользователем terrorist, 10 дек 2015.

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    29 мар 2015
    I wanted to share my personal list of btc facuets and btc games

    1) The first and the best site is
    Please login or register to view links
    It will give you up to 5000 satoshi per 15 minute, perfect offer in my opinion becouse other sites gives you average 100-200 satoshis per 10 or 30 minutes

    it has promo actions often, the referral bonus is lifetime 50%

    2) Please login or register to view links I found this facuet yesterday and I am happy for that
    • 66 satoshi (83.31%)
    • 169 satoshi (13.89%)
    • 666 satoshi (1.85%)
    • 999 satoshi (0.93%)
    • 66999 satoshi (0.02%)
    I hope it gives me 67k satoshis today [​IMG]
    It has 80% comision of referrals

    3) Please login or register to view links you can claim up 31 satoshies in 5 min or wait when it grows and claim 500 in a day, I know it's not best site but it's good for those people who has not time for often claimings
    Referral bonus is 25%

    4) Please login or register to view links It's RPG game, you can level up your hero and earn much more satoshies or stay 1 level and make 1000/2000 satoshi per 30 minute (while the stamina and token will be filled)

    It's the best btc game which I have ever seen

    5) Please login or register to view links games for your ANDROID
    It has 4 type of games, the principle is same, there is tournaments

    each tournament is consists of 4 players, If you win you will get 1bit, if you lead 2nd place you will get 0.5 bit

    Good luck

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