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jSpy v0.04 [Beta] - Java RAT - Windows & Mac & Linux

Тема в разделе "РАТ| Бэкдоры | РМС | Даунлоадеры", создана пользователем ponchic, 2 янв 2014.

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    ponchic юзверь

    15 дек 2013
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    Registrado: Dom Nov 22, 2009 12:33 am
    Ubicación: Honduras C.A
    NotaPublicado: Mar Dic 24, 2013 2:22 am
    Nueva versión de este fabuloso RAT Multi-Plataforma y como pinta va en viento en popa ya tienen la V.0.04 y seguira aqui os comparto esta nueva versión y espero lo testeen y miren lo rápido y efectivo que es,

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    Palabras del Autor: Ingles
    Things to note:
    -Linux startup not implemented yet.
    -Themes temporarily disabled.
    -You must port forward both UDP + TCP on the port you want to use.

    I am a 17 y/o programmer from the UK. I develop jSpy on my own as a hobby for now and hopefully will be in the marketplace after the beta stage is through - but anyway moving on:

    jSpy RAT is a remote administration tool coded in pure java. This means that you can infect to and from all operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as long as the java JRE is installed. Luckily Java is installed by default on Mac and is a necessity on other operating systems to make full use of the resources on the internet, which means that you will find it rare for a user not to have java. Furthermore, if you are using a java drive-by then your target audience will have java anyway.
    jSpy uses a library called "Kryonet" which is developed by Esoterics Software. By using this library for networking, jSpy creates an environment using TCP sockets where you can be rest assured that you won't lose your clients.
    jSpy currently features all of the basic functions required:
    -Open website
    -Open website (hidden)
    -Download and execute
    -UDP Flood
    -HTTPGET Flood
    -HTTPPOST Flood
    -Rapid Connect/Disconnect Flood
    -Message box
    -On-start commands
    -Screen capture
    -Webcam capture
    -Process manager
    -Live keylogger
    -CMD/Terminal access
    -Shutdown PC
    -Runs hidden on all OS (No java in taskbar/dock)


    Recuerden que esta en fase BETA.! el proyecto viene empezando.! Saludos.

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    Sitio Oficial:
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