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[PERL]ParanoicScan 1.7

Тема в разделе "Исходные коды", создана пользователем hisg, 6 июн 2015.

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    6 июн 2015
    Vulnerability Scanner

    As the first program of 2014 I bring you the new version of my ParanoicScan in its version 1.7, while some people stole the source code of the previous version of this program code, the issue is that not bother me that you used the code but only changed him the program name and the name of the author did not bother to change the names of the variables only changed the name of the author, for a moment hesitate to continue to share the code of this 2-year project working but despite that I continue to share the code of this program, besides explorer (of perlenespanol) recommended me to do another version of this program was to demonstrate that the real author so that the program has the dual function and arrange countless bugs that were in all the code.

    [++] Old Options

    Google & Bing Scanner that also scan :

    • XSS
    • SQL GET / POST
    • SQL GET
    • SQL GET + Admin
    • Directory listing
    • MSSQL
    • Jet Database
    • Oracle
    • LFI
    • RFI
    • Full Source Discloure
    • HTTP Information
    • SQLi Scanner
    • Bypass Admin
    • Exploit FSD Manager
    • Paths Finder
    • IP Locate
    • Crack MD5
    • Panel Finder
    • Console
    [++] Fixes

    [+] Refresh of existing pages to crack md5
    [+] Error scanner fsd
    [+] Http error scanner scan
    [+] Spaces between text too annoying
    [+] Added array to bypass
    [+] Failed to read from file

    [++] New options

    [+] Generate all logs in a html file
    [+] Incorporates random and new useragent
    [+] Multi encoder / decoder :

    • Ascii
    • Hex
    • Url
    • Bin To Text & Text To Bin
    [+] PortScanner
    [+] HTTP FingerPrinting
    [+] CSRF Tool
    [+] Scan XSS
    [+] Generator for XSS Bypass
    [+] Generator links to tiny url
    [+] Finder and downloader exploits on Exploit-DB
    [+] Mysql Manager
    [+] Tools LFI

    A video with examples of usage

    Available for download here :

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