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Cutlet Maker ATM HACK 2018 multi atm

Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем leha1224, 8 июл 2018.

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    27 дек 2016
    There are two versions of the software package sales:
    1. Buy the full software package. The price is 1000 $ (the first 2 for 750)
    These are 3 programs (Stimulator22, Cutlet Maker , c0decalc) + instruction for working with ATM.
    2. Buy the software package, without the c0decalc program. The price is $ 500 (the first 2 for 350)
    These are 2 programs (Stimulator22, Cutlet Maker 1.0 F) + instruction for working with ATM. In this case, you need to buy a code ($ 100 - 1 code),
    for one-time activation of the program Cutlet Maker. For each new ATM, you need a new code.
    Contact me:
    Telegram: @bankhacked

    I will bring the real buyer to profit. Air, sikuny, past. You need strong nerves for work, and understanding why you do it.
    I will describe the situation. I hope there will be less question, both emotional and rational. Go.
    1) Who has already worked on this cutlet, they know if an anti-virus is on the ATM, it will block the launch of flashcards and cutlets.
    Excellent, there is a complete solution to this problem. Disabling the antivirus. In more detail, the buyer will learn in the manual, for example, the antivirus Kasp # rsk # Emb # dd # d.
    2) An employee of the bank looks at the online camera, I'm fucked?
    The probability that a bank employee is looking at the camera is very small (5%). Before embankment, this can be easily verified. If everything is okay. If not - go to another atm. You should understand that banks are concerned with stealing money in an ATM as a "cost". For them, it's a penny. Banks consider all ATM problems to lie with the ATM manufacturer. The bank simply insures ATMs and everything, does other business. With the right approach, you can withdraw any ATM. In the manual for the buyer a full plan of actions is described, from connecting to the ATM before issuing the cache. Following him, you will protect yourself as much as possible. It is very important (!)
    3) When unloading money from ATM, does the signal go to the central office?
    - No, the software is not a virus. To control the delivery of money, software uses its own library. No signal is sent to the central office.
    4) I can download a cutlet for free from the Internet!
    - There is an opinion that the cutlet is already public. Frankly, what I saw in the network under the packaging of cutlets - it's a fake 90-95%. And one of the main program c0decalc (password generator), I have not seen anywhere else. Even if all the stars converge, you somehow find all the software .. or a more popular situation - you will be asked to work for someone for a percentage. Most likely, you do not remove anything, because the antivirus will not give you. And "turn off" the antivirus, without knowledge and experience you can not.
    5) Do I need to carry a laptop / computer to the ATM?
    - No. The connection to the ATM goes with the help of the hub. Further in your hub you connect a wireless keyboard (the size is slightly larger than the palm of your hand) and a flashcard.
  2. Sm0k3r


    29 авг 2018
    Any feedback ?
  3. muhammad98


    3 июл 2018
    selling the same software, for $ 200 telegramm @rofl91

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