kbot v5 final



kbot v5 final

Цитата: ////////////////////////////////
kbot v5 final private C# bot by t0fx
Credits to Darksel for FF stealer

Features :

Nickname :
first execution : [NEW|6969]
after : [USA|Win7|t0fx-Computer|6969]

Channel :
Bot joins the channel you want and a second one depending on its country : ##FRA, ##USA...
so you can ddos or sell installs from only one country.
Bot joins ##seeders## if a compatible torrent client is detected on the computer.

Bot spreading :
auto rar / zip infection on first installation (only xp)
auto USB spread : with USB plug event listener and new FUD autorun.inf
auto LAN spread
MSN spread (hook)
P2P : you choose the filename you want to spread
uTorrent / BitTorrent / Azureus (Vuze) seeder

Bot DDOS :

Stealer :
cdkeys : 148 cdkeys
filezilla stealer (to get some ftp accounts)
firefox stealer

Bot security :
auto start with windows and once installed imposible to delete the exe
Process run hidden (hook)
Hidden and undeletable folder
login to the bot with password
Optional auth host
Optional channel password
antis : threatexpert, windows defender, anubis, sandboxie and vmware

Other :
download / execute
works with xp / vista / seven / 2000
bypass UAC
100% undetected


!login pass
!seed url/yourtorrent.torrent
!visit URL (open url in browser)
!visilent URL (visit silently, invisible on the computer)
!dl URL/gay.exe (download execute file from url)
!update URL/gay.exe
!kill (uninstall the bot)
!die (kick the bots)
!keyz (get cdkeyz)
!fz (get filezilla user / pass)
!ff (get firefox strored passwords)
!p2p application.exe (add application.exe to common and detected P2P clients)
!msn message (send a message to online contacts)
!syn host port threads sockets
host intervals threads
start host intervals threads

How to config if you bought the source code ?

Use the Encryption.exe to encrypt server / port / chan / bot password
Modify the source with encrypted settings
Use smart assembly to protect your exe from disassembling